'It Was Impossible to Get the Embryos Out of Israel to Georgia. So I Volunteered'

This week at the Tel Aviv airport: A woman volunteers on an extraordinary international mission, and a man heads to celebrate Christmas with his partner for the first time

Yael Benaya
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Tiran Kalif Levy, 53; lives in Ramat Gan, arriving from Tbilisi, Georgia

Hi, what were you doing in Georgia?

I have a friend who has a surrogacy agency there, and a lot of embryos were stuck here in Israel, so I helped her out. It was impossible to get the embryos out, because at the moment there are almost no flights to Georgia, and entry is only available to Israelis with a special business permit. I got there and spent 35 hours in quarantine in a hotel. As soon as they announced a lockdown was starting in Israel we turned the whole world upside-down and I moved up my flight by a day.