Iran Has a Range of Options to Retaliate Against Israel After Assassination

Revenge for the killing of the nuclear arms program chief Fakhrizadeh could be carried out on the Golan, along the Lebanon border, in the Mediterranean or in the Gulf – but Israeli officials doubt either side seeks an escalation

Yaniv Kubovich
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Against the backdrop of Iran's threats to avenge the assassination of the father of the country’s nuclear arms program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, which took place on Friday and has been attributed to Israel, Israeli defense officials are attempting to convey a sense of business as usual. 

Government and defense officials past and present have been asked to cut back on any planned visits to Gulf countries, where Israel has recently normalized relations. They have been told not to announce plans for trips to the region or to post photos on social media if they are traveling there. At the same time, the defense establishment realizes there is a need to step up intelligence and collection of information relating to Israel's northern front to head off a possible Iranian response to the assassination.