'I Was Looking for a Way to Surprise Dad. Just Then, Flights From Israel to Dubai Began'

This week at the Tel Aviv airport: An Israeli who loves to plan surprises for his family, and a couple who split their time between Israel and Bulgaria

Yael Benaya
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Yael Benaya

The Hannans: Anita, 70, Yakir, 34, Olga, 28, Moshe, 70; live in Tel Aviv and Bat Yam, flying to Dubai

Hi, where are you off to?

Yakir: My father turns 70 in a few days, and until a few minutes ago he thought he was on his way to Eilat. He just found out he’s flying to Dubai for a week.

Mazal tov!

Moshe: I’m in a dream. I am thrilled. Thank God I have a son like this and a family like this.