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Assassination, Bribes and Smuggling Jews: Inside the Israeli Mossad's Long Secret Alliance With Morocco

From body bags to bugging summits, cosying up to Franco to counter-insurgency: This is how the Mossad built, and nearly destroyed, perhaps the most steadfast clandestine relationship between Israel and any Arab state

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Six decades of secret intelligence, military, political and cultural ties between Israel and Morocco finally bore public fruit with last week’s announcement of the normalizing of relations between the two countries.

Every single Mossad chief since the 1960’s – Amit, Zamir, Hofi, Admoni, Shavit, Yatom, Halevy, Dagan, Pardo and current chief Yossi Cohen – have visited the north African nation and met with its leaders and heads of intelligence. But on what is this long-term relationship, perhaps the most steadfast between Israel and any country in the Arab world, built?