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Gaza Rockets, Soaring Violence Across Israel Make New Government Trickier, but Much More Badly Needed

A brazen Hamas, chaos in Arab cities and a harmful Israeli police minister are all products of the Netanyahu regime. Replacing the government won't be a walk in the part, but the anti-Netanyahu bloc certainly can do it

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The joy or sadness (depending on one’s point of view) over the prenatal death of the “change government” are premature. The determination that there will never be a government here supported by an Arab party is a wish held by those who were not enthusiastic about such a prospect in the first place. Conditions which were not ideal to begin with are less comfortable now. But in practical terms and looking at things soberly, devoid of emotions, all the reasons and justifications for changing the incumbent government and its leader are even more valid than before. It won’t be a picnic, but it’s definitely doable.