State’s Witness Testified That Yair Netanyahu Screamed Tycoon Was Not 'Delivering the Goods,' Report Says

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File photo: Yair Netanyahu during a court discussion in Tel Aviv, June 5, 2019.
File photo: Yair Netanyahu during a court discussion in Tel Aviv, June 5, 2019.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

A state's witness in a corruption case against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told investigators that he heard Netanyahu's son, Yair, saying that the man who allegedly bribed him "is not delivering the goods," according to a report by Channel 13 News.  

Nir Hefetz was giving testimony relating to the Bezeq-Walla case, in which Netanyahu is alleged to have traded regulatory benefits for Bezeq, a company owned by Shaul Elovitch, in exchange for positive media coverage on the Walla website, also owned by Elovitch.

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According to the report, Yair Netanyahu made the remarks after entering a room at the Prime Minister’s Residence while discussions were being held there. According to Hefetz, the Netanyahu family’s lawyer Yossi Cohen removed Yair Netanyahu from the room. The report goes on to say that the Prime Minister’s son was asked about Hefetz’s testimony during the investigation of his own case. He replied: “Yossi Cohen, that cripple, he takes ten minutes to get up, do you think he could remove me from any room?”

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Cohen lost a leg during his military service.

In tandem with this report, TV Channel 12 News published a different part of Hefetz’s testimony, relating to a helicopter Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arranged for billionaire Arnon Milchen. Last week Channel 12 published some of the transcripts from the police’s questioning of Netanyahu in this matter.

Netanyahu claimed that he didn’t remember he flew Milchen to Jordan by military helicopter. The Ynet website later reported that Milchen’s assistant Hadas Klein testified that it was a Jordanian helicopter, organized by former Mossad chief Meir Dagan.

On Sunday night it was reported that Hefetz said during his testimony that he could describe one incident he remembered clearly. “Milchen arrived. He waited to go in to see Bibi. He told me he was there since he was in Israel with Indian billionaire Tata, and that Bibi was arranging for a helicopter to fly him directly from Israel to Jordan. He said the Mossad coordinated this with Bibi and that this was coordinated with the Royal Court in Jordan.”

Hefetz said that after meeting Netanyahu, Milchen came out pleased, saying it was all arranged.”

The Netanyahu family responded to both reports, saying that this was another case of mendacious testimony by state’s witness Nir Hefetz. "If he needed to save his skin, he’d also accuse the family of being responsible for the [1933] murder of Haim Arlozoroff," they said in a statement. 

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