Wrong PM Pictured on Official Invite to Israeli Founding Father's Memorial

The announcement for the annual ceremony honoring David Ben-Gurion bore the Culture Ministry logo though it denied any involvement

The official invite to an annual memorial for late prime minister David Ben-Gurion, mistakenly pictures his successor.

Yariv Ben-Eliezer was incredulous at the official government invite to an annual memorial held this week for his grandfather, Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion.

"It seems there are officials at the culture ministry who didn't study any Israeli history when they were in high school. Otherwise how do we explain the fact that they put Levi Eshkol's picture" on the invitation, Ben-Eliezer wrote in a post on his Facebook page.  

Eshkol succeeded Ben-Gurion in the nation's top job, serving from 1963 through 1969.

Limor Livnat, a former minister of education and culture, tweeted a dig at Culture Minister Miri Regev about how the gaffe was produced by a ministry under her leadership.

The ministry said in response that it "has nothing to do with the slide in question done by a private firm using the ministry's logo without permission. The ministry considers this a serious issue and is weighing a possible response to the firm via legal measures at its disposal."