Woman Who Was Raped by Six Israeli-Arab Men Recognized as a Terror Victim

The Defense Ministry rejected the woman’s request but an appeals committee now confirmed her status

A woman who was gang raped by six Israeli-Arabs in 2007 was recognized Monday as a terror victim by an appeals committee after her application for such recognition was initially denied by the Defense Ministry. 

A.H. was 16 years old when she was attacked on the Sironit Beach in Netanya. She had been drinking heavily with a girlfriend in the city center when the two were approached by a group of men who began making passes at them, although they showed no interest. According to a ruling handed down by the Supreme Court, the men pushed the inebriated girls into their car, and drove them to the beach.

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After her recognition, A.H. will receive a monthly stipend from the Defense Ministry.

Three years ago, the Defense Ministry recognized a woman who was raped in Tel Aviv’s Gan Ha’ir as a terror victim. In 2006, the law relating to terror victims was amended to include “injury from an act of violence whose main goal is to harm a person because of national-ethnic origin, as long as it stems from the Israeli-Arab conflict.”

The Defense Ministry determined that the rape in Gan Ha’ir was an act of terror because the perpetrator, Ahmed Bani Jaber, a 21-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank village of Akrabeh, had committed a security offense in the past – he had been convicted by a military court of throwing stones.