Woman Murdered Walking Home From Daycare Center in Majdal Krum

Hiba Manaa, 35, had recently finalized her divorce from her second husband

File photo: the city of Majdal Krum, in northern Israel, November 16, 2016.
Gil Eliahu

A woman was shot to death in the Galilee town of Majdal Krum on Sunday while walking home from the daycare center where she works. Police have opened a murder investigation.

Hiba Manaa, 35, recently finalized her divorce from her second husband and has been living with her parents, whose house is less than 50 meters from the day-care center. Relatives said the gunman lay in wait for her in his car in an alley a few meters from the house. He was masked and dressed in black.

Relatives and neighbors said they initially hid in their houses when they heard the shots, but then realized the victim was Manaa and went outside. They said the murderer got out of his car, shot her in the head, made sure she was dead and then fled in his car.

The family called an ambulance, but the paramedics pronounced her dead on the spot.

Police are searching for the killer and his car, but so far to no avail. They said the motive for the murder isn’t yet clear, and they are investigating.

Manaa was born and raised in the Arab town of Majdal Krum. Aside from her daycare job, she loved to bake and frequently sold cakes to friends and neighbors. Her relatives said her first marriage ended in divorce because the couple was unable to have children. She remarried, but recently divorced again.

Over the past six years, some 20 Israeli women have been murdered every year by their current or former husbands or partners or another relative. If Manaa’s murder falls into this category, she will be the 14th victim this year.

Thirty eight percent of these victims were Israeli Arabs.