Young Woman Found Dead Near West Bank Settlement; Boyfriend Suspected of Murder

Suspect, 30, claims victim, 19, jumped out of their car during an argument; police say that although the suspect was at the scene, passersby called rescue services

Paramedics treat the woman at the scene of the incident near the West Bank settlement of Tzofim, May 2, 2017.

The body of a 19-year-old woman was found Monday on a roadside near the West Bank settlement of Tzofim. The woman’s boyfriend, 30, is suspected of murder, police said.

The victim’s head bore signs of being bruised by rocks, and her body is being autopsied. Her body was found on the side of the road that leads from Tzofim to the Eyal crossing in the Qalqilyah region.

Police say that although the suspect was at the scene of the incident when they arrived, it was a passerby, not he, who called the police and rescue services. Magen David Adom paramedics and an army medical team pronounced her dead at the scene.

The suspect, who was driving, said the woman had jumped out of their car during an argument. Police had at first reported the incident as an accident.

Also on Monday, charges were filed in Nazareth District Court against Meir Goldstein, who is accused of murdering and decapitating his ex-wife, Adele, in Tiberias.

According to the indictment, the couple divorced in February and since then Adele had been living alone in their apartment. On March 29 the suspect knocked on the door in the morning and asked to come in to take some of his things. The ex-wife admitted him and left the door to the apartment open.

When she went to the bathroom, Goldstein shut the door to the apartment so that she’d think he’d left, the indictment said. He then took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her when she came out of the bathroom. After she collapsed, he decapitated her and burned her body. He then left the apartment carrying her head and burned it in a nearby garbage receptacle, according to the charge sheet.

Goldstein’s attorney, Efraim Demri, said he was awaiting a professional opinion on whether Goldstein was fit to stand trial.

After the murder, Tiberias Mayor Yossi Ben David told Haaretz that Goldstein had received services from the city’s mental health department.