WATCH: World Has Given Up on Netanyahu, Says Chemi Shalev

Aimee Amiga
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Aimee Amiga interviews Chemi Shalev, Oct. 1, 2014.
Aimee Amiga

Most of the world has given up on expecting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to say "something that it will like," said Haaretz's U.S. correspondent, Chemi Shalev, in an interview with Aimee Amiga from New York on Wednesday.

At the same time, Shalev said, Netanyahu has become the darling of U.S. conservatives because of his much-publicized rift with U.S. President Barack Obama, a status that can only be reinforced by the "indirect dig at the American administration" Netanyahu made during his speech at the United Nations on Monday.

"By virtue of the fact that Netanyahu has not been getting along with Obama, Netanyahu has become their hero," said Shalev. "Netanyahu is the kind of clear-cut ideological spokesman that a lot of people in the Republican Party and in the conservative wing of American politics feel that they don’t have."

Watch the video below to see Aimee Amiga's full interview with Chemi Shalev.

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