Viral Facebook Post Showing Israeli Arabs Celebrating Tel Aviv Shooting Is Fake

The post featured what claimed to be Arabs in Wadi Ara celebrating Tel Aviv attack, but it actually showed Lebanese residents celebrating the death of Ariel Sharon.

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Screengrab of Benzi Gopstein sharing the postCredit: Screengrab
Oded Yaron
Oded Yaron

Over a thousand people shared a fake Facebook post over the past 24 hours, which supposedly shows people from the Arab village of Arara celebrating after the shooting attack in Tel Aviv in which two people were murdered last Friday. The suspect in the shooting, Nashat Melhem, is from Arara.

The post features a picture of a man passing out candies to celebrate the murders, claimed the man who posted it, who it seems is a resident of Netanya. But a simple search for the image on Google reveals that this is a two-year-old picture taken in Lebanon in which the people ae celebrating the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."Wadi Ara – a picture from the town of Arara. They don't show this on the news On the news they are busy, with stabbings of a picture and the father of the terrorist who turned in the terrorist and the terrorist's lawyer," wrote the person who posted the picture.

One of the people who shared the post was Benzi Gopstein, the head of the extremist anti-assimilationist Lehava organization, who said the author was right; as well as hundreds of others, most of whom believed the picture was authentic.

A day later, after the picture raised the ire of those who noticed the fakery, the person who posted it removed the picture. A few hours earlier he tried to explain his actions:

"Dear brothers, a good week and blessed week,

Someone posted

So I shared

I don't know if it's correct

What is certain

In Arara and the Arab sector some of the residents are like this

And those who don't think so

I still have not yet heard them condemning it."

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