UN Convenes to Discuss Gaza Border Clashes Without Israeli Envoy

Following the security council meeting, Israel's ambassador to UN lambastes Palestinians for 'underhanded opportunism', condemns Hamas for sending children to the border as bait

Palestinians take part in a tent city protest near the border with Israel east of Jabalia in the northern Gaza strip on March 30, 2018

The United Nations Security Council convened Friday night to discuss the events on the Gaza border, despite the United States' and Israel's request to postpone deliberations for Saturday, due to Passover holiday eve. No Israeli envoy was present during discussions.

In a statement released Saturday, Israel's ambassador to the UN Danny Danon called the move "underhanded opportunism" by the Palestinians, aimed to spread lies on the UN stage "while Jewish people across the world gather to celebrate Passover."

"This disgraceful abuse of the holiday will not prevent us from presenting the truth regarding Hamas' violent protests, whose only purpose is to ignite the sector and incite provocations."

In his statement, Danon called on UN members to condemn Hamas for its methods during the protest. "Just today we saw how Hamas uses small children, sending them to the border while risking their lives," adding that the international community must not be deceived by Hamas and the attempts to conceal its crimes.