Two 14-year-old Israeli Arab Girls Behind Ramle Stabbing Charged With Attempted Murder

Two teens accused of waiting in vain for soldiers to come to a mall until they decided to stab the security guard.

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The site of a stabbing attack at Ramle's central bus station on February 4, 2016.
The site of a stabbing attack at Ramle's central bus station on February 4, 2016. Credit: Magen David Adom

Two 14-year-old girls from Ramle were indicted Thursday for stabbing a security guard in the city.

The two allegedly stabbed a 27-year-old guard at the central bus station mall, injuring him lightly in his hands and legs. The charge sheet, which the Central District Attorney filed in the District Juvenile Court in Lod, includes counts of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit an act of terror and possession of a knife.

According to the indictment, about a month before the attack, the accused discussed their desire to die a martyr’s death and to be killed as part of an Islamic religious war by stabbing Jews to death. Following the Damascus Gate stabbing on the Wednesday before, and in view of the general terror wave, the two agreed to meet up armed with kitchen knives and carry out their intentions.

A day later, the two talked, and one of them convinced the other to commit the attack in the morning hours instead of going to school. s. According to the charge sheet, they took kitchen knives from home, put them in their bags, went to the mall and returned three times, after failing to see any soldiers. The third time they decided to attack the security guard at the mall entrance. They pulled their knives when he tried to check their bags and started stabbing him. The guard fell to the ground, and while he tried to defend himself, one of the minors continued stabbing him until soldiers and another guard apprehended them.

The girls’ family and neighbors condemned the attack and found it hard to believe that they intended to harm Jews. A school official told Haaretz: “We thought that this was a normal absence of one day. Students do it sometimes, and they are good students. When we saw the news reports we understood where they were instead of being in class.”

According to a school employee, the educational staff at the institution did not see any signs or abnormal behavior among the girls, who are considered good students. “One of them has a 95 average and the other an 80,” the employee said. “They never missed school. They always came to school and sat in classes. All the teachers are shocked.”

The worker added: “Our school espouses values of living together. Every Tuesday the students learn English together with students from the Jewish Reut School next to us. The girls were always in the joint lessons with Jewish students and never had a problem with one of the children. Just last Tuesday they were in a joint class of Jewish and Arab students. We are very angry because we talk all the time with students about the importance of living together and mutual respect, and what they did contradicts every value they learned in school.”

Immediately after the incident, the girls’ parents were taken to the Ramle police for investigation. “She is a good girl. It doesn’t make sense,” said Mona, sister of one of the girls.

“I don’t know what happened to her. We are afraid,” said Mona, a sister of one of the girls.

Her aunt added: “We can’t process what happened. Even before the details become clear, I tell you that if this really happened it is totally unacceptable to the family. We live in good neighborliness with Jews, and we are shaken by what happened today. I can’t think of any reason that caused her to go out and do this.”

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