Three Israelis Charged With Murder of 21-year-old Female Relative, Body Still Missing

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Nabin Amrani
Nabin Amrani

Three family members from an Israeli Bedouin town were charged for murdering their 21-year-old relative, Nabin Amrani, for what they viewed as her promiscuous conduct.

Nabin Amrani is the ninth woman who has been murdered in Israel since the beginning of 2020.  

Scene of crime where Nabin Amrani was murdered in the Bedouin town of Hura in Israel's Negev. Credit: Police Spokesman's Unit

Earlier on Sunday, Israel Police said they have gathered sufficient evidence to charge the three with the murder of Nabin Amrani, who disappeared on March 28.

According to the investigation, Amrani’s relatives murdered her in their backyard in Hura, after which they took the body to the car to dispose of it and poured concrete over the scene to hide the evidence.

Police said they found blood where they believe the murder took place, as well as additional evidence beneath the concrete they smashed in the yard. However, Amrani's body has not been found yet.

Amrani was murdered, police believe, because her family opposed her behavior, which included dying her hair and dating men.

The murder was reported to the police on April 17, after a fight broke out in Hura. Amrani’s brother told the police his relative attacked him, fearing he will report to authorities that they murdered his sister.

Shortly thereafter, Amrani’s parents, brother, brother-in-law and nephew were arrested. Her mother and brother-in-law were released after three weeks in custody.   

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