Thousands of Israelis Mourn Young Couple Killed in Flooded Elevator

25-year-olds died when they were trapped in their Tel Aviv apartment building's elevator, malfunctioned and filled with water during heavy rainfall

Bar Peleg
Bar Peleg
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Stav Harari and Dean Shoshani who died last year after becoming trapped in a flooded elevator in Tel Aviv.
Stav Harari and Dean Shoshani who died last year after becoming trapped in a flooded elevator in Tel Aviv.
Bar Peleg
Bar Peleg

Thousands came Sunday to the funeral of Dean Yaakov Shoshani and Stav Harari, the couple, both 25, killed Saturday in an elevator flooded by heavy rains in the Hatikva neighborhood of south Tel Aviv.

The two, who had recently moved into the building on Nadav Street, were buried together at Yarkon Cemetery in Tel Aviv.

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“We are Jews and we believe in the holiness of the Holy One, Blessed be He,” Shoshani’s father, Tzion, said at the funeral. “Abundant water can’t snuff out love, and rivers cannot wash it away – but rivers swept them away.”

Shoshani’s sister, Eden, said, “My dear brother, how can we even start talking about you in the past tense? If there’s one thing I’m happy about, is that you were really happy these past few weeks. You told me, ‘My dream is coming true every day, Eden, I’m happy.’ You moved into the new apartment in Hatikva only a few months ago and made yourself a sweet and modest home, just like yourselves. You loved to have people over and make them happy. Now you are being buried together, together forever.”

Harari’s father, Itzik, said, “Stav, you are our life, our oxygen, we love you more than we love ourselves. Watch over us from above.” Harari’s brother said, “I know you fought with all your strength. I don’t believe that I’m having to write such a thing about you. For the life of me I never imagined that this would happen, and to you? To us? You’ve left us here alone to deal with the pain. I promise to do what I can but it’s hard for me, too. I hope that you are there above in a better place with Dean, hand in hand.”

The two were trapped in the elevator leading to the building’s parking area, apparently because of an electrical short. While they were trapped, the rain started to flood the parking level and the water started to seep into the elevator. A passing neighbor heard them banging on the elevator door from inside and together with other neighbors tried to get the rescue services to come. It took hours, however, for rescuers to come and get them out of the elevator. Both were pronounced dead at the hospital.

“I don’t understand this,” Tzion Shoshani said. “There’s a Creator, he arranges everything and everything is from him, and we believe in him 100 percent, totally, and that everything that happens is only for the good. We believe we got Dean as a deposit; he was deposited with us for 26 years and now we’re returning him. That’s how it is.”