Inside Incarcerated ex-Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's New Residence

The kitchen, dining room and telephones in the hallway: The first photos of wing 10 in Ma'asiyahu Prison.

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Ma'asiyahu Prison
Ma'asiyahu PrisonCredit: Israel Prison Service

This is what the new residence of the 12th prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, who began his 19-month prison term in wing 10 of Ma'asiyahu Prison on Monday, looks like.

Wing 10 is a special, separate wing that was built by the Israel Prisons Service to safeguard Olmert and other sensitive prisoners – like mayors, judges, police officers and intelligence officials.

Joining Olmert in the Holyland Affair will be Danny Dankner, former chairman of Bank Hapoalim, who was convicted of bribery and sentenced to two years in prison; Meir Rabin, the right hand man of state witness Shmuel Dachner, who was sentenced to five years in prison; former Jerusalem councilman Eli Simhayoff, who will serve 18 months in prison; former Jerusalem city engineer Uri Shitreet, who was sent away for seven years; and Holyland developer Avigdor Klelner, who was sent to prison for two years. Developer Hillel Cherney will serve his 26-month sentence in Hermon Prison.

Kitchen at Ma'asiyahu Prison's Wing 10.Credit: Israel Prison Services

Olmert will be able to put basic things in his cell like the other prisoners, including four pairs of socks, two towels, two track suits, a single bedsheet, a single cover, two sports pants, two blankets, a bed pillow, holy objects, hygiene accessories, an identity card, up to 1500 shekels (about $385) cash and various private belongings.

Dining room at Ma'asiyahu Prison's Wing 10.Credit: Israel Prison Service

Like all the prisoners, the former prime minister will be able to buy things in the canteen, up to 1600 shekels a month, and an additional 200 shekels per month with the approval of the district commander.

Public phones at Ma'asiyahu Prison's Wing 10.Credit: Israel Prison Service

The moment Olmert entered prison, responsibility for his protection switched from the Shin Bet to Prison Service officials. They will have full responsibility, both during visits and during hearings in court as well as his prison furloughs. Olmert's first furlough of up to 24 hours will be allowed after running a third of his sentence. Further furloughs will be up to 96 hours long.

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