Thirteen Year Old Terrorist Charged With Attempted Murder

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The scene of the stabbing in Pisgat Ze'ev, October 12, 2016.
The scene of the stabbing in Pisgat Ze'ev, October 12, 2016.Credit: Magen David Adom

Ahmed Mansara, 13, who stabbed and wounded two Israelis in the East Jerusalem settlement of Pigat Ze'ev on October 12, was charged with attempted murder and possession of a knife Friday morning.

By law, police cannot incarcerate a minor under 14. Instead, the law dictates the minor is arrested for investigation and then transfer them to a probation officer sponsored rehabilitation center.

Three weeks ago, Mansara and his cousin, Hassan, stabbed two Israelis, one a 13-year-old Israeli, in the nearby Pisgat Ze'ev wounding them seriously. Passersby who sat them trying to flee chased them, and beat the Mansara until police arrived. His cousin managed to escape police, but when they found him, he was brandishing a knife. They told him to drop it, and when he did not respond, and kept coming at them with his knife, they shot him to death.

According to the indictment, Mansara and Hassan, 15, discussed events at Al-Aqsa and wanting to become martyrs "and to be killed in the religious by stabbing Jews." The two are accused of taking knives from their homes, praying, and then setting off on their religious crusade.

Mansara took a knife and a 15 centimeter knife from his parents, and, along with Hassan, went to Pisgat Ze'ev. According to the indictment, Hassan stabbed a yeshiva student, wounding him, and fled in search for more victims. They found Ben, a 13-year-old Israeli riding his bike. Hassan stabbed him four times, wounding him critically.

13-year-old Ahmed Manasra, suspected of taking part in a stabbing attack, in Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, October 15, 2015.

Two days after the attack, Abbas said in Ramallah that Mansara was "executed" by Israelis. He denounced the wave of violence as well, saying "We will not tolerate the continuation of the current situation in our land: the occupation, Israeli aggression, and the settlers who incite violence against our people, our homes, our holy places, and who would kill our children in cold blood, as did the boy Ahmad Mansara and the other children in Jerusalem and elsewhere. We will continue our struggle for national self-defense based on."

A few hours later, Netanyahu's office issued unusual pictures of the "executed" Mansara being treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. A senior Israeli official said that the move was intended to undermine the Palestinian president's remarks, exposing his lie.

Two days before, the Prime Minister's Office released the video of the Pisgat Ze'ev attack with Arabic subtitles. The video was broadcasted on mainstream Arab TV channels worldwide, and distributed by the Prime Minister's Office Arabic social media pages. 

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