Israeli Arab Killed in U.S.-led Bombing Raid on ISIS Stronghold in Syria

Khalil Salah Asayed, 28, of the northern Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm, becomes sixth Israeli to die in Syrian conflict.

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Khalil Salah Asayed.
Khalil Salah Asayed.

Khalil Salah Asayed, 28, of the northern Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm has become the sixth Israeli Arab man to be killed in Syria's civil war, family members say.

Asayed had joined up with rebel fighters since leaving for Syria three years ago and assessments are that he joined ISIS there, and his family had remained in touch with him via social media.

Family members say they have learned that Asayed was killed over the past few days in U.S.-led bombing raids in northern Syria. ISIS and the Nusra Front have been excluded from a cease fire deal, and attacks have continued against their strongholds.

People he knew said Asayed's father was a Palestinian from the West Bank who has lived in Umm al-Fahm with his mother, a city native, since they wed.  

Dozens of Israeli Arabs have linked up with ISIS, crossing into Syria after flying to Turkey. Some have returned to Israel and stood trial and still more cases are still in the courts. The most recent victim before Asayed was Azem Medini of Taibeh, killed in May.

Four other young men from Taibeh, Nazareth and Bedouin villages in the Negev have also died in the fighting in Syria.

There have been reports in the past day of ISIS fighters fleeing en masse in the face of Syrian attacks in the region of the historic city of Tadmur, as the Iraqi army aided by the world coalition has reported progress in the al Anbar province.

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