Six Dead After Palestinian Taxi Collides With Israeli Bus in West Bank

Five family members from Bethlehem among the dead; two others injured, including the bus driver and a teen found unconscious at the scene

Emergency services at the scene of the crash on Route 60 in the West Bank, June 27, 2017.

Six people were killed on Tuesday when an Israeli bus and Palestinian shuttle taxi collided on Route 60 in the West Bank.

All of the dead were in the taxi and included five members of one family from Bethlehem – a man and woman in their 30s, and three children. The cabdriver, who was about 50, also died.

Two other people were injured, including a boy in his teens who sustained serious injuries, and the driver of the bus, who was moderately hurt.

Police said the accident was caused when the shuttle taxi drifted across the center of the highway for reasons that are not clear and collided head-on with the bus. Ambulance crews from the Magen David Adom emergency medical service dispatched to the scene said the shuttle taxi had been severed in two and that five of its occupants, who had been trapped in the wreckage, died at the scene. The taxi driver also died at the scene. He was found under a third vehicle, which was also involved in the collision.

The ambulance crew said the teen, who sustained head injuries, was unconscious when they arrived, while the bus driver, who also had head injuries, was conscious.

With the assistance of an Israeli army medical team, the injured were treated at the scene before being transferred to the two Hadassah University Hospitals in Jerusalem, at Ein Karem and Mount Scopus.