Sister of Tel Aviv Murder Victim and Boyfriend Confess to Crime

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Police searching outside the Tel Aviv apartment in which a 18-year-old woman was stabbed to death.
Police searching outside the Tel Aviv apartment in which a 18-year-old woman was stabbed to death.Credit: David Bachar

The sister of the 18-year-old woman stabbed to death in Tel Aviv on Thursday has confessed to the murder, as has the sister's boyfriend, also aged 18.

The motive for the murder has not yet been announced. Police intend to ask the Tel Aviv magistrates Court to extend the remand of the two suspects until Friday.

Earlier it was revealed that the knife used in the attack had been found inside the apartment in which the victim and her sister lived.

Both the knife and other evidence found in the apartment, on the city's on Simtat Neta Street, indicated that the murder was committed inside the apartment, after which the body was taken outside.

That conclusion contradicts the original version given by the sister that the victim had been killed outside the apartment after answering a telephone call from an unknown caller.

The two suspects told police during questioning that an argument had broken out between the two sisters, though it was the boyfriend who grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim to death.

After the stabbing, his girlfriend gave him clean clothes to wear and helped him hide both the knife and his bloody clothes. The two coordinated their stories and the boyfriend hid in one of the rooms in the apartment while police questioned his girlfriend in another.

The sister told police investigators that she was the one who found the body lying on the floor in the stairwell. She said that the murder victim had received a phone call from an unknown person, who apparently asked her to go outside.

She left the apartment, closed the door behind her and, within a short time, screams were heard. The sister said she opened the door and saw her sister lying on the floor bleeding. She also said that she caught a glimpse of an unidentified man fleeing from the site.

The investigators also gathered evidence from neighbors and others who were present in the building at the time of the murder. A deliveryman who was making a delivery to an apartment on the same floor claimed that he was the one who found the body and that he had knocked on the family’s door and drawn the sister’s attention to the body. The sister, he maintained, screamed and was distraught at the sight of her sister's body.

The investigators continued to gather evidence from the sister. At a certain point, they discovered the sister’s boyfriend, who had been in another room in the apartment the entire time.

The couple was arrested on suspicion of murder. They were taken to the Yiftah District Police headquarters for questioning.

The mother of both sisters heard about her daughter’s death from the police when she returned to the apartment.

The Magen David Adom emergency services said that it received a report of an unconscious young woman shortly before 1 P.M. Her death was determined by paramedics who arrived on the scene.

Shin Bet security services agents at the scene ruled out the possibility of it being a terrorist killing.

“We arrived at the address in Simtat Neta for a stabbing incident, and found a 20-year-old girl with severe signs of violence,” said paramedic Eliav Cohen. "Every attempt at treatment it was possible to administer was unsuccessful, and we were forced to determine her death.”

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