Shopping Mall in Kalansua Evacuated Due to Fire

Ran Shimoni
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Z Center  shopping mall in Qalansuwa on fire
Z Center shopping mall in Qalansuwa on fireCredit: Fire and Rescue Operation Documentation
Ran Shimoni

A fire broke out on Saturday at Z Center mall in the city of Kalansua in central Israel. The blaze has been brought under control, but two people were treated for smoke inhalation and another person who assisted the rescue teams was slightly injured.

Shoppers were evacuated from the building and firefighters estimate the mall is now completely empty.

Firefights at shopping mall fire in QalansuwaCredit: FIre and Rescue operation documentation

Fire and rescue teams originally struggled to reach the site of the fire due to crowds in the area. The Fire Department said the building is at risk of collapsing due to the damage, and that it will therefore be demolished. They added that there is no risk of the fire spreading. 

The fire reportedly broke out at 1 P.M. and originated in the second floor of the building, which contained mostly offices. The source of the fire has not yet been determined, but could have originated from building works on the second floor. 

This is a developing story.