Shin Bet Agent to Right-wing Activist: Dont Protest, or Else

In response to the warning, which was taped, the security agency said there was a need to have the conversation to head off a deterioration of the security situation

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Right-wing activists protests in Petah Tikva in 2015
Right-wing activists protests in Petah Tikva in 2015Credit: Moti Milrod

In a telephone conversation on Thursday, a Shin Bet agent warned a right-wing Israeli activist, Amichai Zoaretz, against participating in violent demonstrations following last Tuesdays shooting attack near the West Bank outpost of Havat Gilad, in which Rabbi Raziel Shevach was killed.

Otherwise, the Shin Bet warned, Zoaretz would be ordered out of his home and his livestock and crops would be lost.

In a recorded conversation, the Shin Bet agent is heard telling Zoaretz, who lives in the Shiloh area of the northern West Bank: Amichai, listen well. Dont test me and dont play with me. The agent is heard saying that otherwise he would be thrown out of the Shiloh area, adding that he has more to lose than his brother Eitan, who was forced by administrative order to leave the West Bank.

The Shin Bet agent demanded that Zoaretz leave the demonstrations held at the time in the Nablus area following Shevachs murder, protests in which the participants attempted to block main highways. If you do the smallest thing, you will pay for it. You hear? the agent said, urging Zoaretz to go home. According to right-wing NGO Honenu, Zoaretz did not participate in Thursdays demonstrations.

Zoaretz had been arrested in the past for involvement in extreme right-wing political activity.

In response, the Shin Bet said in part that he had been arrested in the past following activity that was violent and dangerous to the region, and as a result of intelligence information, the Shin Bet saw the need to warn him immediately over engaging in violent activity that could harm the security situation in the region.