Second Woman Accuses Israeli General of Sexual Assault

The woman's lawyer says her client is ready to take a polygraph test and is also prepared to confront Buchris directly.

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Ofek Buchris, 2010.
Ofek Buchris, 2010.Credit: Itzik Ben Malki
Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen

Another woman came forward on Wednesday to allege that Brig. Gen. Ofek Buchris had sexually assaulted her during her military service.

Military police investigators learned about the new complainant from the woman, who earlier this week alleged that the former Golani Brigade commander had raped and sodomized her. The police questioned Buchris for five hours on Wedneday about the allegations. It was the second time he has been questioned since the case became public.

The father of the soldier who alleged Buchris had raped her said at a press conference Wednesday that he hoped other women mistreated by Buchris would file complaints.

“In the name of my daughter, if there are other girls who’ve been harmed, please complain, so that the truth comes to light,” he said. “I want to stress that these girls are not at fault for what happened, and in these cases one must gather strength and take the right step.”

He noted that his daughter had excelled during her military service and said, “The system failed through a commander who transgressed and exploited his position for sexual offenses and rape Every parent must ask himself if these are the values we received from the Israel Defense Forces, if these are the commanders worthy of leading our soldiers.”

Avital Bin-Nun, the attorney representing the first soldier who filed a complaint, said that Buchris’ combat record, the citation of merit he received and his senior positions in the military “do not make him immune or turn him into a person to whom something like this cannot happen. His military record doesn’t mean that every [female] soldier must be grateful for his sexual attention between battles." She added, "unfortunately, he is neither the first officer nor the last [to be suspected of sexual offenses].”

Bin-Nun said that her client had yet to undergo a polygraph test, but was ready to cooperate if the police asked her to take one, and was also prepared to confront Buchris directly.

Buchris took a polygraph test a few days ago and was asked two different questions on the issue: whether he had slept with the soldier under his command, and whether he had full sexual relations with her. He answered no to both questions. The technician who conducted the test, Shlomo Brook, wrote in his report that he believed “the subject was telling the truth,” and that “the version of the examinee, who categorically denies having full sexual relations with the complainant, is correct.”

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