Scientists Working for Israel Reveal Top Secret Information Online, Stunning Defense Officials

Israel is trying to erase any trace of the information it has gone to great lengths to hide, but it has already been copied on other sites

Chaim Levinson
Chaim Levinson
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The Defense Ministry building in Tel Aviv, Israel.
The Defense Ministry building in Tel Aviv, Israel.Credit: Dan Keinan
Chaim Levinson
Chaim Levinson

Israeli scientists in a state institution have published highly classified information on the internet that Israel has made a great and consistent effort to hide.

The incident sent shock waves across Israel’s security establishment, which is trying to take down the information, and prompted a flurry of accusations.  

The information is the result of scientific work conducted in a state-run organization. The researchers received permission years ago from Amir Kane, who was the Defense Ministry’s director of security at the time. The scientists continued to publish material on the subject based on the original go-ahead without seeking further approval. The current director, Nir Ben Moshe, apparently was never asked to review the newer material.

When Haaretz asked members of the security establishment about the matter, officials blamed one another. Officials within the organization itself and the Defense Ministry’s Security Authority are divided over the question who was supposed to give notice that the scientists were publishing classified information. Officials within the organization assert that all the necessary permits for publication had been received, and that if there were changes in the circumstances, then the Security Authority should have notified them.

Defense establishment officials are now trying to erase any trace of the secret information from the web, but they have run into difficulties because the information was copied and is found on a number of platforms.

The Defense Ministry commented that the publication received all the necessary permits after informing all relevant authorities within the ministry.