Draft Report on Israel's Conduct in Gaza War Couldn't Be Bad Enough, Key ex-IDF General Says

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Yom-Tov SamiaCredit: Eliyahu Hershkovitz

Reservist Gen. Yom Tov Samia, the deputy head of southern command during the 2014 Gaza War, said he was unsurprised at the preliminary results of a draft report into Israel's conduct in the conflict, and said that despite the key role he held he did not testify in the comptroller's investigation.

"As bad as (the report) might be, I'm not sure it's as bad as it should be," he said amid growing political anger at the report's content and leak to the media.

Samia told Army Radio that he thought the "festival of medals held after Operation Protective Edge, was scandalous," and how he thought the investigations and medals were "done to cover up something.

"Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised by the Comptrollers report, although I haven't read it. As bad as it may be I'm not sure it's as bad as it should be," Samia said.

"It worries me a lot," that he wasn't asked to provide any testimony, "because it means that people were afraid to do serious and in depth summaries," he said.

"They were afraid of this, and this bothers me a lot."

Samia said he had been invited to one summary session held by the army, conducted by Gen. Yossi Bachar, but that while on the way "I received an order not to participate in it. I made an about face and returned."

Samia thought he was ordered away from the meeting due to internal tensions among the different IDF commands over the Gaza opreation. "There was so much tension between Be'er Sheva, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and who knows who gave [me] the order [not to show up]," Samia said.

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