Protesters Urge Israeli Court to Lift Gag Order on Name of Suspected Wife-stabber

Demonstrators say the victim wants 'the whole country to know' but judge accepts suspect’s plea not to 'destroy a career and reputation'

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Protesters outside the Be'er Sheva courthouse in southern Israel, September 27, 2020.
Protesters outside the Be'er Sheva courthouse in southern Israel, September 27, 2020.

Dozens of people gathered outside a Be’er Sheva courthouse on Sunday to protest the court’s decision to withhold the name of a man accused of attemped murder in the stabbing of his wife.

The protest organizers said in a statement: “We will not forgive Judge George Amorai who took pity on the cruel man; we will not forgive the justice system, which should be the symbol of justice for the entire society, for allowing the blood of women and our girls to be shed. “

Shira MosheCredit: Shira Moshe's Facebook page

On Friday, Judge Amorai of the Magistrate’s Court accepted the accused’s request not to release his name. The Mitzpeh Raom man, suspected of attempted murder of his wife, Shira Moshe, at their home told the court, “It’s the easiest thing to destroy a career and reputation of 45 years.” The man added that his parents are elderly and he wanted to save them distress.

In protest against the gag order, the man’s name and picture was released in posts on social media over the past few days.

In Friday’s hearing, during which the suspect’s remand was extended until Thursday, the police said that the Shira Moshe wanted her name and her husband’s name to be released so that “the whole country will know.”

The police representative said Moshe had been stabbed 20 times in front of the couple’s 2-year-old son. The suspect, he said, had maintained his right to silence but abundant evidence has been collected against him. The police representative said the police believe the public has a right to know the man’s name and that releasing it could lead other victims of domestic violence to work up the courage to file complaints.

Moshe, 31, suffered severe stab injuries and was also beaten. The police believe her husband to be the assailant. A large police contingent arrived at the house after receiving reports of screaming coming from the house. After being found by the police, she was evacuated by helicopter to Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva.

The couple is known to the police from a previous instance of domestic violence in Tel Aviv in 2019.