Police Recommend Sex Charges Against Popular Israeli Actor Moshe Ivgy

Yaniv Kubovich
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Actor Moshe Ivgy on stage, February 7, 2016.
Actor Moshe Ivgy on stage, February 7, 2016.Credit: Moti Milrod
Yaniv Kubovich

The police have finished their investigation and recommend indicting popular actor Moshe Ivgy with sexual offenses and harassment of three women he had worked with in theater. The recommendations were delivered to the Haifa district prosecution, which will be making the final decision on whether to pursue charges.

Based on the police’s announcement, grounds were found to substantiate the allegations that Ivgy abused his status and sexually molested and harassed three women. Some of them filed complaints against the actor during the investigative process.

Ivgy himself was also questioned under caution (which means the police think charges may ensue).

The allegations were revealed by Channel 10 News in February, reporting that a theater employee served notice that she would be suing on the grounds that her sexual harassment complaint against the actor, filed two years earlier to the theater management, had not been handled adequately. A hearing was held at the time by the theater management, at which Ivgy had apologized for the “misunderstanding,” and the theater claimed that the inquiry had been wrapped up “to the employee’s satisfaction” and that she had been transferred to work on a different play.

Later, the newsite Walla!, and channels 2 and 10, reported that six women claimed to have been sexually abused by Ivgy, who later stated that he “has the greatest respect for all people with whom he worked and does work. I am shocked by the allegations made in the report. I never hurt anybody in my life. Man or woman. My conscience is clear.”

Apparently the statute of limitations will apply to two of the three cases.

An actress told Walla! that Ivgy had harassed her 10 years earlier, when she had been in her late 20s, and claimed that he habitually tried to feel the breasts of women working with her in that production.

“Then, after about a month of production, when everybody was saying goodbye at the end of the day, quite routinely, he came to say goodbye to me and before I know what was happening, I felt him push his tongue aggressively into my mouth,” she alleged. “It happened so suddenly and I so hadn’t expected it – at first I didn’t even connect that revolting thing crawling in my mouth and the actor who had been standing next to me a second ago. I deflected him, pushing him away from me hard.”

After the reports, Ivgy decided to take a time-out from his work in the theater, repeating in a statement that he had never harmed anyone, man or woman.

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