Homeless Pedophile Admits to Raping Six-year-old Girl in South Tel Aviv, Police Say

Suspect allegedly attacked girl, dragged her to nearby building and raped her. He has been in prison for cases involving sexual assault or attempted assault of minors

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File photo: A suspect appears at a demand hearing.
File photo: A suspect appears at a demand hearing. Credit: Olivier Fitoussi

A convicted pedophile was arrested Saturday on suspicion of raping a 6-year-old girl in south Tel Aviv. A preliminary investigation indicated that the girl went to a neighborhood grocery store at around 9 P.M.. to buy milk. Police believe the suspect, who has been identified as Avi Gueta, 48, attacked the girl, dragged her to a nearby building and raped her.

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Gueta, who is homeless, was arrested shortly after the alleged incident, and police say he admitted his involvement. His remand was extended by four days on Sunday. 

Gueta was sentenced to three years in prison for two separate incidents involving the sexual assault or attempted assault of two different 8-year-old girls whom he lured to isolated places, after asking each to help him search for a lost pet.

In 2016, after he served his sentence, Gueta was arrested after his case worker in the Israel Prison Service found pornographic images of underage children in his possession. “The suspect is a ticking time bomb, with no less than 18 convictions, some of them for very serious sexual offenses,” Judge Amit Michles said at the time.

Gueta’s public defender, Yonatan Rabinovich, said his client was cooperating with the police.