Police Checking New Allegation Against Convicted Sex Offender Rabbi Moti Elon

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Rabbi Moti Elon, outside the courthouse in Jerusalem.Credit: Olivier Fitoussi

Police are looking into new sexual misconduct allegations against Rabbi Moti Elon, Channel 1 reported on Wednesday.

Elon was convicted in 2013 for sexually harassing two of his students and was sentenced to community service, which he served. 

The new allegations surfaced on Wednesday, when one of Elon's former students posted about two incidents in which he was allegedly sexually harassed by his rabbi on Facebook. The Police Northern Command is looking currently trying to locate the student in order to take his testimony.

In his post, the student said that he decided to air his allegations, following a conference in Migdal last Thursday in which Elon took part. The student said he was angered by the warm relations exhibited by Nationalist Zionism leader Rabbi Haim Druckman.

"Due to Rabbi Druckman's shocking support of convicted sex offender Rabbi Moti Elon, I decided to share something that I never thought I would share – Rabbi Elon sexually harassed me on two separate occasions."

The student declined a Haaretz request for an interview and said that at this time he didn't want to elaborate any more than was in his Facebook post.

In 2013, the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court sentenced Elon to six months of community service after he was convicted on two accounts of sexual assault.