Israeli Police Arrest Palestinian Suspect in Herzliya

Ahmed Khatib, 20, told his father he wants to commit an act of violence against Israelis, before driving from East Jerusalem to the central Israeli city.

Police stand outside a synagogue in Herzliya during the search for Ahmed Khatib, an East Jerusalem resident who said he intends to carry out an attack against Israeis. January 5, 2016.
Tomer Applebaum

Police arrested a young Palestinian man who had threatened to carry out an attack against Israelis on Tuesday morning in the central city of Herzliya.

According to the Israel Police, Ahmed Khatib, aged about 20, had a fight with his father and expressed his intention to carry out an attack, before running away from his East Jerusalem home. He then traveled to Herzliya, where his car was found near the central bus station.

A large police deployment arrived in the city, including those from the Tel Aviv department, to scour the city in search of the man. Police suspect the man stole a car after abandoning his own.

The Herzliya manhunt came amid a search for the assailant of Friday's shooting attack in Tel Aviv, in which two were killed seven wounded. Police said Monday that a taxi driver found dead in the north of the city shortly after the downtown attack was a third victim.