Israeli Police Arrest Man Suspected of Posting Nude Videos of Underage Girl

The 20-year-old suspect, who has a history of mental health problems, was arrested last month on suspicion of publishing a similar video

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Israel police car
Israel police carCredit: Tess Scheflan
Almog Ben Zikri
Almog Ben Zikri

A 20-year-old Be'er Sheva man was arrested Monday for the second time in a month on suspicion of publishing videos in which he is allegedly seen having sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl.

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The suspect did not deny having sex with her, but claimed under interrogation that she had told him that she was 17. He is said to have a history of psychiatric problems.

He had initially been arrested last month on suspicion of publishing one video on social media in which the girl appears naked, but police suspected he made other similar videos public in the past. The man was expected to be released to house arrest on Tuesday.

It is thought that after the girl decided to end her relationship with the man, he began harassing her, threatened to commit suicide and made the video public.

Following his arrest the first time, the police had the suspect admitted to a psychiatric hospital due to his emotional state, after which he was released. Additional videos with the girl were made public recently, prompting police to arrest him again. Under questioning, the man denied publishing them and said he did not know how or by whom they were published.

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In 2014, the Knesset passed a law establishing that making a video of a sexual nature public without the permission of an individual appearing in it is considered sexual harassment, subject to a prison term of up to five years. The law was passed in an effort to address the rising incidence of sexually oriented photos, videos and voice recordings spread on social media and smartphones.

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