Palestinians Post Video of Soldiers Fleeing From Stone-throwers, Army Says Content Tampered

Hamas-affiliated Twitter account posts video reading ‘occupation soldiers flee during a confrontation in Kfar Qaddum,’ showing two Israeli soldiers fleeing from a group of over a dozen Palestinians

Documentation of soldiers who appear to be fleeing from Palestinians throwing stones at them at a West bank village near Nablus, June 22, 2019.

A video circulated Palestinian social media sites Saturday showing two Israeli soldiers fleeing from youth throwing stones at them in a West Bank village.

The video was even picked up by a Twitter account associated with Hamas’ military wing al-Qassam Brigades.

The video's title reads: “Occupation soldiers flee during a confrontation in Kfar Qaddum,” and the footage shows more than a dozen Palestinians throwing stones at two soldiers.

When a few of the assailants approach the soldiers, they take cover behind a cement wall. The 40-second video does not show the soldiers responding with gunfire at the stone-throwers.

In response to the video which was filmed in a village near Nablus, the Israel Defense Forces charged that it was edited in a biased way and made clear that the violent protest there was eventually dispersed.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that during the incident “several fighters were deployed in ambush to respond more precisely. Once they completed their mission they ran to another position.”

“The video doesn’t show all the forces who were present at the incident, it is edited in a deliberate way that does not reflect the soldiers’ actions involved in breaking up the disturbance, or the entire situation. We point out that the soldiers completed their mission and the disturbance was dispersed,” the IDF added.