Palestinian Woman Arrested After Pulling a Knife on Israeli Security at Checkpoint

The security forces subdued and arrested the suspect, a resident of Tul Karm ■ No injuries reported

Aaron Rabinowitz
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FILE PHOTO: Border Police man a checkpoint in the West Bank, January 9, 2019.
FILE PHOTO: Border Police man a checkpoint in the West Bank, January 9, 2019.Credit: Olivier Fitoussi
Aaron Rabinowitz

A Palestinian was arrested after attempting to stab a member of the security forces at a checkpoint east of Jerusalem, the police reported Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened during a routine security check of bus passengers at the Al-Zaim checkpoint. During the check, the suspect, a female resident of Tul Karm, pulled out a knife in a suspected attempt to stab one of the security forces at the scene.

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Forces subdued and arrested the suspect after carrying out the procedure for arresting a suspect, the police said, including firing in the air. No one was injured in the incident, and the suspect was taken in for questioning.

Last week, a Palestinian man was shot and seriously wounded after he was suspected of attempting a stabbing attack at the Hawara checkpoint, near Nablus. The unnamed suspect allegedly jumped onto the car of Yehoshua Sherman, a resident of the settlement of Elon Moreh, and tried to open the car door while armed with a knife. 

Sherman exited the car and shot the man, subduing him with the assistance of another man who was driving behind hlim. 

Last month, 19-year-old Staff Sgt. Gal Keidan and 47-year-old Rabbi Ahida Ettinger were killed in two separate shooting and stabbing attacks that took place near the West Bank city of Ariel. 

The perpetrator, Omar Amin Abu Lila, was killed two days later while security forces tried to arrest him in a village near Ramallah.