Palestinian on Hunger Strike for 51 Days to Protest Detention Without Trial in Israel

Sami Janazra, 42, a married father of three, was arrested on November 15; 'If they have something against him, let them put him on trial,' his brother says.

Palestinians shout slogans and hold pictures of Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons during a demonstration to mark Palestinian Prisoner Day in the West Bank town of Hebron on April 17, 2016.
Hazem Bader, AFP

A security prisoner from the Al-Fawwar refugee camp in the West Bank has been on a hunger strike for 51 days to protest his continued detention by Israel.

Sami Janazra, 42, a married father of three, who is a farmer and sheep and goat merchant, was arrested on November 15 and placed in administrative detention for four months. On March 15, his detention order was renewed for another four months. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club said Thursday that Janazra’s medical condition was deteriorating.

Janazra’s brother, Qaid, told Haaretz that the family has visited him."If they have something against him, let them put him on trial,” Qaid Jawazra said. When asked whether his brother was involved in political activity, Qaid Janazra said Sami was considered a Fatah supporter.

According to the family, Janazra was arrested a few times, beginning in 1991, and has been behind bars for a total of nine years, five of which were consecutive, during the second intifada.

Palestinian Prisoners Club lawyer Jawad Bulus said Thursday authorities had questioned Janazra about alleged activities in Hamas, although he was active in Fatah.

Bulus said he visited Janazra on Thursday and understood from him that he had fallen down and hit his head as a result of his weakening condition.