Palestinian Man Arrested in Israel With Loaded Pistol, Charged With Plotting Terror Attack

West Bank resident Muataz Moussa Hassin, 20, wanted to kill an Israeli Jew in the hopes of dying himself after a woman he loved was killed in a traffic accident, police say

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A young man from the West Bank city of Qalqilyah was charged Sunday with plotting a terror attack in a nearby Israeli town, which police say he intended to commit partly to put an end to his own life after the death of his girlfriend.

According to the indictment filed in the Samaria Military Court, Muataz Moussa Hassin, 20, was arrested in Rosh Ha’ayin on September 29 carrying a loaded pistol, an ammunition clip and a box of bullets.

“On September 26 the accused learned that the woman he loved had been killed in a traffic accident. ... He decided then to shoot an Israeli Jew with his pistol, in hopes of dying himself,” the indictment states. It added that he had purchased the gun from a building contractor about a month before the arrest.

The indictment states that on September 29 Moussa Hassin left a letter for his family in his room, asking for their forgiveness and including his will. He took the pistol, clip and bullets, crossed into Israel through a hole in the separation barrier near the Palestinian village of Deir Balut and walked from there to Rosh Ha’ayin.

He came upon a few people, but decided to find a different victim because there were children nearby. He was arrested a few hours later. According to the police statement, at the end of his interrogation Moussa Hassin confessed to planning a terror attack.

In September, a 23-year-old man from the Palestinian city of Jenin was charged with attempted murder for stabbing a man in Rosh Ha’ayin about 20 times, leaving him in serious condition.

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