Palestinian Man Gets Life in Prison for 2015 Slaying of Israeli Farmer

Family of slain David Bar Kapra calls for cousin and accomplice Alah Dar Atzi to be also given a sentence for murder rather than manslaughter, claiming the beating was politically motivated

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Slain Israeli farmer David Bar Kapra was beaten to death in 2015 in his vineyard on Moshav Pedaya, in central Israel
Slain Israeli farmer David Bar Kapra was beaten to death in 2015 in his vineyard on Moshav Pedaya, in central IsraelCredit: Courtesy of the family
Josh Breiner
Josh Breiner

West Bank Palestinian Mujahid Dar Atzi was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of farmer David Bar Kapra, 69, in his vineyard on Moshav Pedaya in June 2015.

The Central District Court in Lod also imposed a levied fee of 180,000 shekels ($50,000).

The convicted man’s cousin, Alah Dar Atzi, was sentenced in July to 18 years on a manslaughter charge for his role in the crime.

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The 22-year-old cousins are from the Palestinian town of Beit Liqya in the West Bank. They were convicted of beating Bar Kapra with a stick their hands and legs. Ben Kapra died later in hospital of severe injuries to his head.

The verdict was handed down a month ago, when the judges wrote: “The deceased was sitting peacefully in his vineyard and then he was surprised and found himself facing two young and strong men by himself who surprised him with their blows, and together they caused his death.”

Alah Dar Atzi was initially indicted for murder, but the court convicted him of manslaughter.

In a statement Bar Kapra’s family said: “The court, after three years, today sentenced to life imprisonment one of the terrorists who killed our father. We congratulate the court’s decision. To our regret, a month ago the other terrorist who murdered our father was convicted only of manslaughter and received a lenient sentence. This is a problematic message that severely hurts the deterrence of criminal and terrorist acts.”

“The truth is that two Palestinians, illegal residents who were known to the police and the Shin Bet [security service] after throwing firebombs at IDF soldiers – murdered an elderly Jew for no reason at all and without stealing anything,” the family said in an official statement.

“The two terrorists should spend the rest of their lives behind bars. We will continue to fight for our father’s honor until the incident is recognized as a terrorist act,” the family added.

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