Palestinian Teen Charged With Attempted Murder in Supermarket Attack

An Israeli man was critically wounded after being repeatedly stabbed in an attack the prosecutors say was religiously motivated

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Ismail Abu Aram, 19, in court, August 28, 2017.
Ismail Abu Aram, 19, in court, August 28, 2017.

A Palestinian man was charged on Monday with attempted murder in a stabbing this month in a supermarket in a suburb of Tel Aviv.

According to the indictment, filed in the Central District Court, Ismail Abu Aram, 19, decided to kill a Jew because he was becoming more religious and thought he would thereby fulfill what he considered the religious commandment of “jihad against the Jewish-Israeli occupation.”

Abu Aram, from the West Bank town of Yatta, near Hebron, traveled to Yavneh by bus carrying a knife and pepper spray, the indictment said. His original goal was to attack a former employer in the community, but when he failed to find his employer he entered a nearby supermarket, a knife with a 15-centimeter blade concealed in his clothing.

According to the charges, Abu Aram took out the knife and attacked Niv Nehemia, the store’s deputy manager, who was stocking shelves. Nehemia was critically injured after being stabbed in the throat, chest, stomach and head. He attempted to resist, and threw something at his assailant. During the struggle, the knife broke and Abu Aram dropped it, then sprayed Nehemia in the face with pepper spray.