New Deal for Tenants Living With Children in State Housing

Thousands of families living in public housing with one adult offspring will be entitled to a discount of 50–55 percent.

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A protest in Jerusalem demanding public housing.Credit: Emil Salman
Lee Yaron
Lee Yaron

The Housing and Construction Ministry issued new directives Tuesday entitling public housing tenants living with their adult children to the same discounts in purchasing their apartments as if their children were minors. The directives come after the ministry decided recently that it would not appeal a September ruling to that effect by the Be’er Sheva District Court.

This precedent-setting ruling by the Be’er Sheva court means that such families are entitled to tens of thousands of shekels in discounts when purchasing an apartment.

Before this, the Housing and Construction Ministry went by the National Insurance Institute’s definition of a child as a minor or an individual who is over 18 but under 21.

Thousands of families living in public housing with one adult offspring, 21 or older, will be entitled to a discount of 50–55 percent, and if they have two or more children living with them, their discount will be 60–65 percent.

“The Housing and Construction Ministry is aware of the ruling and is working to change its directives in light of it,” Deputy Housing and Construction Minister Jackie Levy told Haaretz.

“A child will be considered a child without restriction on age, even if he is 30 or 50, as long as he lives with his parents,” Housing Ministry deputy director general Ronen Cohen said. “We had a dilemma whether to appeal to the Supreme Court but we decided it was more important for us to encourage the purchase of public housing apartments. We respect the court’s decision although it is not easy for us because the state will lose profit from the sale of the apartment.”

The original ruling was given in the case of a single mother living in Sderot with her 28-year-old son, who wanted to purchase her apartment from the public housing company Amigur.

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