WATCH: Barak Ravid: Netanyahu Now Has Big Cannons in Congress to 'Bomb' the White House

Following the midterm elections, Jerusalem is concerned the U.S. may not veto Palestinian statehood resolution in the UN, says Haaretz diplomatic correspondent.

Aimee Amiga
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Aimee Amiga interviews Barak Ravid, Nov. 6, 2014.
Aimee Amiga

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's strategy, following the Republican gains in the midterm congressional elections this week, is likely to be an attempt to "rally Congress against the White House" in order to prevent actions that are inimical to Israel's interests, according to Haaretz Diplomatic Correspondent Barak Ravid.

Jerusalem is concerned that the Obama administration will refrain from vetoing the pending Palestinian statehood resolution in the United Nations Security Council, Ravid told Haaretz's Aimee Amiga.

"They don't say 'we won't veto,'" Ravid explained. "They say 'we'll read the text and then we'll decide.' That is a signal that is received loud and clear in Jerusalem."

Ravid believes that Netanyahu will first try to get Congress to pass more sanctions legislation against Iran, in order to "scuttle a deal" with that country. Following that, his goal will be to use Congress to prevent any unilateral Palestinian moves in the UN.

Netanyahu "now has quite a lot of big cannons in Congress in order to bomb the White House," Ravid said.

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