Netanyahu Supporter Arrested for Pepper Spray Attack on Protesters

Out of dozens of attacks on participants of anti-Netanyahu demonstrations, only one has resulted in an indictment so far

Bar Peleg
Bar Peleg
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A Netanyahu supporter attacking anti-Netanyahu protesters with pepper spray in Holon, October 13, 2020.
A Netanyahu supporter attacking anti-Netanyahu protesters with pepper spray in Holon, October 13, 2020.
Bar Peleg
Bar Peleg

A supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu sprayed protesters demonstrating against the Israeli prime minister with pepper spray on Tuesday.

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A policeman who was stationed at the Meditech Junction in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon witnessed the incident and arrested the assailant, who was there to attend a counter-demonstration in support of Netanyahu. Three other pro-Netanyahu demonstrators were also arrested on suspicion of disturbing the peace.

On Wednesday, the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court extended the detention of two of the pro-Netanyahu demonstrators that were arrested on Tuesday, including the assailant suspected of pepper spraying the anti-Netanyahu protesters.  

Every week, dozens of anti-Netanyahu protesters demonstrate at the junction, and pro-Netanyahu demonstrators often come as well.

“They stand just meters away from us, separated from us by police tape,” said Amnon, an anti-Netanyahu protester. “They stand there with Likud flags, posters of Netanyahu and horribly powerful loudspeakers that scream lies about us and racist curses.”

At the Patt Junction in Jerusalem, anti-Netanyahu protesters said they were also attacked Tuesday evening, with the prime minister’s supporters throwing eggs and vegetables at them. The demonstrators also accused police of not showing up even after they called and complained about the attack several times.

Police said they have opened an investigation into the incident and arrested one person suspected of throwing eggs.

Last week, Haaretz reported that of the dozens of cases opened for assaults on anti-Netanyahu demonstrators in recent months, only one has so far produced an indictment. Some of the incidents, such as egg throwing, haven’t been severe enough to warrant indictments. But others have been genuine criminal assaults.