Netanyahu's Special Envoy and Top Negotiator Announces Resignation

Isaac Molho has served as Netanyahu's special envoy to the peace process for over 10 years

Chaim Tzach/GPO

Attorney Isaac Molho, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s special envoy to the peace process, will leave his position at the end of February.

After many years on the job, Molho asked the prime minister to relieve him of his duties.

Molho served in the sensitive position from 1996 to 1999 and again since 2009, when Netanyahu returned to the premiership.

Molho wrote Netanyahu: “Further to my previous requests to you I am honored to ask you to release me of my duty which I have filled many years as national service.” Netanyahu replied, “This time, given your adamant position, I decided to accept your request. At the same time, I was happy that you agreed to postpone your retirement until the end of February 2018 so I can find a suitable replacement for this vital task.”

“I do not need to recount the sensitive and important diplomatic missions you carried out,” Netanyahu continued. “You did this with a rare combination of talent, experience and comprehensive and deep knowledge of the issues. The time has not arrived yet to reveal all your work, but I am sure that once the moment arrives, Israeli citizens will appreciate your contribution very much. It is no surprise, that I and the government ministers who know your work are filled with deep admiration for you.”

He added: “Many leaders spoke of you with praise, and remarked that they could always speak freely with you because you never sought any publicity for yourself about your contribution and great accomplishments. Like your father before you, you did it for the state – as a national service, voluntarily.”