Netanyahu: Iran Behind 80 Percent of Israel's Security Problems

Prime minister stresses continued threats from Iran at memorial marking 25 years since attack on Israeli embassy in Argentina.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holding a Press Conference in Rome, Italy.
Amos Ben Gershom GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that the source of 80 percent of Israel's security problems is Iran.

"One of our security sources says that 80 percent of Israel's security problems start with Iran," Netanyahu, who is also the foreign minister, said at a memorial commemorating 25 years since the attack on the Israeli embassy in Argentina.

Netanyahu said that the attack against the embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 was perpetrated by Hezbollah under the auspices of Iran.

"It was clear to us who was responsible from the first moment," said the prime minister. "Iran thought of it, planned it and through orders to Hezbollah, carried it out as well."

Netanyahu stressed that Israel will stand with determination against Iranian aggression in the region and will act in order to prevent Iranian fortification n Syria and the transfer of advanced weapons from Iran to Hezbollah.

"Our thick red lines are clear and we won't hesitate to act on them," said Netanyahu.