Most Tourists to Tel Aviv Opt for Airbnb Over Hotels

Survey finds tourists to Tel Aviv check in to Airbnb and other vacation rental sites more than hotels at an alarming rate

Tel Aviv beach and skyline
Daniel Bar-On

Tourists to Tel Aviv are choosing Airbnb and other sharing economy rooms or apartments for their stays in the city over hotels according to a survey by the city of Tel Aviv.

The survey found that in the past year until now, 51 percent of tourists said they rented rooms using Airbnb or a similar service and that 30 percent of tourists rented hotel rooms. Thirteen percent reported staying in hostels so far this year. Another 6 percent said they stayed with friends.

Most tourist destinations in Europe report that about a third of tourists stay in such rooms, though many of these cities have recently been working to regulate the sector. No such efforts have begun in Tel Aviv.

No other city in the world has reported such high usage numbers for “sharing economy” rooms,  according to the city-owned Tel Aviv Global & Tourism company which sponsored the survey. 

Two-thirds of visitors said Tel Aviv was gay friendly and 84 percent described Israelis are welcoming. Two-thirds of tourists also said they will recommend to their friends to visit Tel Aviv and it is a good destination for tourists.

But 61 percent of those surveyed said they found prices in the city relatively high.