More Than 140 Arrested After Violent Clashes Erupt in Israeli Arab Village

Some 250 police officers took part in the raid on Tur'an, seizing a submachine gun, Molotov cocktails and a grenade as violence between two rival clans persists in the village

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Police entering Tur'an in northern Israel, January 24, 2021.
Police entering Tur'an in northern Israel, January 24, 2021. Credit: Police Spokesperson

Police arrested Saturday 145 people suspected of instigating violence, including arson and shooting, after clashes broke out over the weekend in the Israeli Arab village of Tur'an in which a 20-year-old man was shot and lightly wounded.   

Eleven additional arrests were made over the weekend before the police raided the village. 

According to a police statement, 250 Northern District officers, including from riot police and border police forces, took part in Saturday's raid, in which a number of weapons, including a Carlo submachine gun, Molotov cocktails and a grenade were seized.

The arrests come amid an ongoing family feud between two clans in the village.The feud between the Odoi and the Dakhla clans began during the municipal elections in 2018 when Mazan Odoi defeated his opponent, Ahmad Dakhla.

Dozens of police cars on their way to carry out a raid in Tur'an, January 24, 2021.Credit: Police Spokesperson

The rift worsened when an imam from the Dakhla family finished his contract at a local mosque in a neighborhood where most of the citizens are members of the Odoi clan. Since the 2018 local elections, two men were killed in Tur'an – Falah Dakhla in November 2019 and Mahmoud Odoi in May 2020.

"Two normative families are involved in these violent incidents, with some of their chief members serving in public office," Israel Police said in the statement, calling on local residents and leadership to stop fanning the flames, take responsibility and exercise calm.

According to a statement made by the police on Saturday, since the feud began, 847 town residents have been arrested, 331 investigations have been opened, and indictments have been filed against 161 suspects, along with requests that they continued to be detained through the end of proceedings. In addition, 117 weapons, 60 molotov cocktails and 22 grenades have been seized, the statement noted.

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