Meretz Leader Galon Lashes Out Against Haaretz Column by Former Netanyahu Aide

Zehava Galon criticizes Natan Eshel, who she claims was 'sent by Netanyahu' to pull the Zionist Union into the coalition, for his Haaretz opinion alleging that the Israeli left prefers getting rid of Netanyahu to peace.

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Meretz leader Zehava Galon at the launching of the party's 2015 Knesset election campaign.Credit: Moti Milrod

Meretz party chairwoman Zehava Galon attacked an article in Haaretz's weekend edition by Natan Eshel on Saturday that alleged the Israeli left prefers getting rid of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to peace.

"I don't know what's supposed to be more insulting for the Zionist Union," Galon began. "The fact that Netanyahu continues calling for them to join the government or that he sent Natan Eshel to do it in his place."

Galon made the comments in a Facebook post, lashing out at Eshel's column, which claimed that the political left finds it more important to fight the prime minister and his family than to help push forward a political agreement.

"If the leftist camp doesn't recognize the late hour and doesn't join the coalition," wrote Eshel, "history won't forget and won't forgive."

Galon responded sharply: "There is no shortage of rare opportunities for peace. They've been coming consistently for quite a few years and up until now I didn't think Netanyahu cared very much."

The party chief continued and attacked Eshel personally, writing that "Netanyahu can also fight sexual harassment but this also doesn't seem to interest him. Natan Eshel, for anyone who forgot, is the man that Netanyahu was supposed to throw down all the stairs back in 2012 after he was charged with the sexual harassment of an employee.

"Netanyahu's man photographed her under her skirt, rummaged through the messages on her cellular and email while stalking her," said Galon. "This is the philosopher sent to tell us all about the opportunity for peace - new, one-time-use and at a discount."

Meanwhile, MK Shelly Yacimovich (Zionist Union) said Saturday that new calls for peace with the Palestinians, made by Netanyahu and recently appointed Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, are nothing but talk.

"When I see Netanyahu and Lieberman suddenly floating words of peace, surrounded by the humming of doves, I cannot but imagine them next wringing those doves' heads and baking them in an oven, stuffed with what's left of the Labor Party if we join them based on these words, god forbid," the former Labor leader said at a cultural event in Tel Aviv.

However, if talk turns to deeds, Yacimovich said, the discussion over Zionist Union's joining the coalition can be reopened. "I pledge that in an opportunity for real drama I'll be the one who makes sure we don't miss it," she said.