Medics Contradict Autopsy Report of Palestinian Detained by Israeli Army

First response team says it didn’t see gunshot wounds or bleeding on Yasin al-Saradih, who died after being detained by Israeli forces after an alleged attack

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A screenshot of a video showing Israeli soldiers arresting a Palestinian man in Jericho, February 22, 2018.
A screenshot of a video showing Israeli soldiers arresting a Palestinian man in Jericho, February 22, 2018.

The medical team that treated a detained Palestinian man in Jericho last week said on Monday they could not see any gunshot wounds or bleeding on him, seemingly contradicting the autopsy findings that Yasin al-Saradih had been shot to death.

The Israel Defense Forces said soldiers had at fired at Saradih when he ran at them with an iron bar, and that signs of entry and exit wounds on his body were visible.

During the Military Police investigation that followed the 2 A.M. incident on Thursday morning in the West Bank city, the paramedic who treated Saradih said he didn’t see any blood on his body or clothing.

The paramedic also said other members of the medical team didn’t notice any gunshot wounds. Sources familiar with the details, however, said the medical team should have been able to discern the gunshot wounds with a relatively simple examination.

According to the autopsy conducted on Friday, Saradih was shot in his lower abdomen, near the groin. Saradih was wearing a tracksuit in which there was a hole where the bullet entered, and bloodstains were found near his lower back, it found.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club had said Saradih, 33, was beaten and sustained injuries from tear gas inhalation.

At this point, the IDF is accepting the medics’ claim that they didn’t see the bullet wounds that caused the bleeding that led to Saradih’s death. The army says Saradih was evacuated from the scene only after the soldiers dispersed the dozens of Palestinians who were throwing stones at them. However, it isn’t clear how long Saradih was held by the soldiers from when he was wounded until he was taken for medical treatment.

According to the IDF, Saradih attacked them and the soldiers fired at close quarters in his direction. However, army sources said initially there were no bullet wounds on his body.

A video of the incident shows the soldiers beating Saradih. The video shows the soldiers overtaking the Palestinian man and continuing to beat him as he lay on the ground with several soldiers around him.

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