Man Murdered in Arab Israeli Town Amid Protests Over Alarming Uptick in Violence

36-year-old was shot to death, two others were seriously injured and a fourth man was lightly wounded; police have opened a murder investigation

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Police at the scene of the shooting, Maj al-Krum, October 1, 2019.
Police at the scene of the shooting, Maj al-Krum, October 1, 2019.

A man was shot to death on Tuesday in the northern Arab Israeli town of Maj al-Krum.

Two other men were seriously injured in the incident: One as a result of gunfire and another from stab wounds. A fourth man was lightly wounded.

Police have opened a murder investigation.

Emergency medical responders gave the men medical treatment at the scene and evacuated them to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya. 

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Ahmed Maniyah.

The Galilee Medical Center stated that the man who died in the incident, Ahmed Maniyah, was aged 36. He was evacuated to the hospital in grave condition, and was pronounced dead there. Those injured were aged 25-35, and had undergone surgery at the hospital.

A family member of Maniyah told Haaretz that the two other men who were shot are Maniyah's brothers. The relative said that the man who was stabbed belongs to another family is feuding with the Maniyahs.

The man who was stabbed and who is in serious condition is a suspect in the shooting.

The Maj al-Krum regional council is holding an emergency meeting and have called on residents of the town, particularly the victims' two families, to calm tensions and refrain from further violence.

Earlier Tuesday, the vehicle of the chief of the Nahaf Regional Council in the Galilee was targeted by live fire. No injuries were caused, but the car sustained damage. Police are looking into the circumstances of the incident. 

In recent days, large protests have taken place in the Arab-majority city of Umm al-Fahm against violence in the Israeli Arab community. In the past month alone, 13 Israeli Arabs were murdered, marking a 20 percent increase in such deaths compared to last year.

Protests demanding police action on violence in the Arab community at Umm al-Fahm, September 30, 2019.

On Monday, the third consecutive protest took place in the city, with thousands in attendance. The demonstrators marched to the local police station and called on law enforcement to confiscate illegal weapons from residents, demanding that police handle the issue.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people protested in a demonstration organized by women at the northern Israeli Arab local council of Eilabun.

The protest in Umm al-Fahm began last weekend after a young local named Ibrhaim Qiwan Mahmid was murdered. He was shot to death along the Wadi Ara route, ten days after a different man was shot to death in the nearby village of Musmus.

On Friday, hundreds of Umm al-Fahm residents demonstrated at the scene of the murder and blocked the roads leading into town for 30 minutes.

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