Man Indicted for Fraud After Offering to Sell Baby

Suspect says he never intended to sell his daughter, but acted out of financial distress.

Nir Hasson
Nir Hasson
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A baby holding a bottle. (Illustrative photo)Credit: Tomer Appelbaum
Nir Hasson
Nir Hasson

A Jerusalem resident was indicted for aggravated fraud on Wednesday after offering to sell his infant daughter to an undercover cop.

According to the indictment, the man, aged 33, told a colleague earlier this month that he wanted to sell his three-month-old baby for 100,000 shekels. After the police learned of the conversation, an undercover officer contacted the man and said he was interested in purchasing the girl.

When the two met two weeks ago, the suspect asked for a 5,000 shekel advance and promised to hand over the baby within two weeks, after his wife had a chance to say goodbye. The suspect later sent photos of the baby.

The suspect brought the baby to their final meeting last week as proof of the seriousness of his intentions. According to the indictment, the suspect said “Meet your new father,” to the baby.

The suspect, whose name cannot be published, is charged with aggravated fraud.

The father’s attorney argues that he never intended to sell his daughter and acted out of financial distress.