Livni in Bikini: Netanyahu's Likud Ran Anonymous Facebook Page for Ads Deemed Inappropriate

'Only Bibi' Facebook page was anonymously run by Likud campaign and garnered thousands of likes

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An anonymous Facebook page called "Only Bibi" was created by the Likud party during elections in 2015 and spread campaign ads that were scrapped for official campaign use, including a photoshopped picture of Tzipi Livni dressed in a bikini hitchhiking for a ride to her next political party, criticizing her for moving between parties.

The page was created on December 6, 2014, four days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to disband the government and launch elections for the 20th Knesset. Official sources at election headquarters confirmed to Haaretz that the Facebook page belonged to the Likud party.

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The page utilized Facebook's option to pay for promotion and is still active, with more than 17,000 followers on Facebook today. During the elections, the page garnered 15,000 followers. 

The party used the page to publish material that was rejected by Likud election headquarters, like the photo of Livni and one of her political partner, Isaac Herzog, made up as a woman. Another example was a photo of Herzog as a small child holding the hands of his “parents” – strategist Reuven Adler and Livni. “He’s incapable of managing by himself,” the slogan said.

On Tuesday morning, after Haaretz and Channel 2 reported on the scrapped photo of Herzog as a woman, it was removed from the "Only Bibi" page.

Other material was posted on the page the Likud told the state comptroller was made by the party, like posters of Stav Shaffir and Zouheir Bahloul. The source of the photo on which Livni's face was photoshopped, was an American humor page that posts the strange signs of hitchhikers.

MK Yoel Hasson responded to this report by contacting the state comptroller and calling on him to charge Netanyahu for incitement and violence against Herzog and Livni. "Netanyahu continues to poison the Israeli public with murderous incitement," he said. "The balcony in Zion square has become Balfour Street and we must stop Netanyahu at all cost, before the next murder. Hasson added that, "This is the most dangerous prime minister in Israel's history."

Livni's staff said that it was "low and repulsive even from those who have flip-flopped his views in the same party. Livni, on the other hand, has adhered to her positions and stated them courageously everywhere, all these years."

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